Recruiting process: A good start

Recruiting process is one of the most significant ones for human resources management in all organizations. It directly affects very important issues, such as organizational effectiveness and balance, culture, internal communication, and teamwork. All HRM professionals as well as managers and executives of all organizational functions have experienced the results of successful hirings as well as of the opposite.

It may be carried out internally, by the HR department, as well as by appointing external recruiters. In both cases, there are some actions in the beginning of the process, which, in many cases, either take place superficially or overlooked. However, these actions are key ones for the success of the whole process, because they facilitate the determination of the ideal profile, focus on important aspects of the role, and support the adoption of a proactive approach.

  • A clear mission statement for the job position to be covered must be created (or reviewed if exists), no matter if the job position is an existing or a new one; why is really needed and why is important for the success of the organization at this specific period of time.
  • A deep understanding of the way this job position is linked with internal and external customers is very important:  what both categories of customers may expect to receive to be satisfied, how does the role add value to them.
  • Both quantitative and qualitative criteria of performance must be determined (or reviewed if exist) in a clear and practical way and how can they be measured and monitored.
  • Previous or current experience of successful and non-successful people who had or have the specific role, must be collected, analyzed, and shared with the recruiter (if he / she is external).
  • If the job position to be covered is new for the specific organization, the collection of information from other organizations which have this position in action, may be very helpful.

Invest more time and energy in the beginning of the recruiting process, by carrying out the above actions carefully and systematically. Results will be better.

Dr. Evangelia Fassoula is the Managing Director of EVERGROW SA, a company of ARTION GROUP.  



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