How can

We Serve You?

Our team is proud to present you our innovative services and find together the best way to add value to your organization.
How can

We Serve You?

We work on a wide range of building typologies and projects

Adoption of a holistic approach in recruiting process by using
  innovative methodologies and approaches.
Highly qualified and experienced recruiters provide the services.
Provision of consultancy for the onboarding process of the new hires.
A 4-month warranty period is offered.


 Integration of business processes in a concrete, yet flexible, management system.
Implementation of the Human Factor Fitness Review (HFFR).
Implementation of Total Quality framework.
Development of an evidence-based and results-driven decision-making process.
Provision of the special Organization Development Master
  Plan and supporting its implementation.


Provision of the necessary framework for change process.
Training, support, and facilitation of Leadership team to develop and
  implement the new concepts.
Balancing the new dynamics.
Continuously review, evaluation and refresh of change process.


Aligning HRM with corporate vision, mission, values, and business strategy.
Empowerment of HR representative and HR team.
Development of HR processes and programs.
Promotion of team spirit and people development culture.


HRM priorities are set with top management and the relevant processes
  are implemented in a flexible and cost-effective way.
Design of HRM KPIs and reporting.
Development of an HRM culture and a systems-approach in people management.
Preparation of the organization to incorporate HRM internally, if decided.


Full customization of training and people development processes to special characteristics, culture, and challenges of the organization.
Implementation of innovative tools and techniques to energize creativity and emotional intelligence of the participants.
Focus on the inner learning process, by using experiential training methodologies.
Development of Action Plans, as an output of the training process.


Integrated Performance Management Systems
Assessment using structured in-depth competency-based- interviews.
360˚ Evaluation Model, based on the concept of multisource feedback.
Assessment and Development Centers.
Integration of the HR Performance Management process with goal setting process and bonus systems.


Provision of a valuable framework to address leadership development
  and performance improvement of individuals and teams.
Adoption of Evidence-based Coaching and Positive Psychology frameworks.
 Implementation of:
    Coaching sessions with individuals.
    Team coaching sessions.
    Workplace Coaching Training programs, and
 Combinations of the above.


Implementation of a well-planned internal communication strategy to get employees on board with vision, mission, and values of the organization.
Planning and implementation of employees’ surveys and development
  of a framework to encourage open communication.
Design & implementation of a clear social media policy, in order to ensure the appropriate use in the workplace.
Integration of employee branding processes with those related to employer branding processes.