Moral Intelligence: The Alignment Model

By Athanasios Arvanitis and Dr. Evangelia Fassoula

Moral Intelligence is defined as the ability of an individual or an organization to consistently apply his / her / their principles and values in the whole spectrum of his / her / their activities, for meeting goals and achieving development (Doug Lennick–Fred Kiel, Ph.D.).

Enhancing business development

Organizations can achieve dramatical improvement, by developing moral intelligence, as a concept in the beginning and as a leadership and alignment approach in all levels. Moral intelligence can be combined and even widen the well-known approach of emotional intelligence, introduced by Daniel Goleman, which has been the basis for leadership and people development, during the last decades.

By adopting moral intelligence in leadership practice in an organization, people can improve their effectiveness and productivity. Through open, clear and sincere communication of principles and values, and, most of all, align them with corporate strategy, goals as well as behaviors and actions, people remain committed to the organization, work more creatively and feel more balanced and satisfied.

Managing business with moral intelligence

To manage with moral intelligence does not mean to be always correct. According to Forbes, the important thing is how a manager reacts when he / she makes and mistake and what does he / she learns from the mistake. Although strategy and financial results are very important for the career development of a manager, in most cases what makes a manager successful is winning the respect of his / her team through his / her behavior, and by demonstrating moral intelligence and openness and contributing to the long-term development and success of people and the organization.  

According to Doug Lennick and Fred Kiel, Ph.D., the basic moral skills are:

  • integrity
  • responsibility
  • compassion
  • forgiveness (of one’s own mistakes and of mistakes of others)

The implementation of the Alignment Model is a method to assess and improve an organization in how words become action plans and action plans lead to targeted results.  

It should be noted that the organizations which adopt policies of social responsibility are more profitable than those which do not. The development of organizations is enhanced by the implementation of socially acceptable and sustainable strategies that lead to the production of products and provision of services friendly to the environment, that exceed customer expectations meet social needs. 

In Evergrow SA, a member of ARTION Group, we have designed and use a specialized methodology for the practical implementation of Moral Intelligence approach combined with the Alignment Model, for both big and medium-sized organizations, and also for start-ups. In this way, we support organizations to empower the moral skills and the effectiveness of their people.

Mr. Athanasios Arvanitis is Member of the Board & Partner of Evergrow SA.

Dr. Evangelia Fassoula is the Managing Director and Partner of EVERGROW SA, a company of ARTION GROUP.  



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